Importance & Value of Marketing


"It's urgent that you tread water. It's important that you swim to shore." Ever get that feeling that you'll never be able to catch up? INCOMPAS can help you get the important things done while you look after the day-to-day urgencies that continually arise. Embarking on this long-term path involves immediate change, which may leave you feeling temporarily uncomfortable at the onset of this critical process. Trust in the knowledge that your vision is manifesting through this process. Once you commit to change, INCOMPAS will work diligently on your behalf towards your objectives.


Indeed, time is money. If you spend all your time treading water, you're actually wasting valuable resources. That's why the professionals at INCOMPAS are committed to helping you develop a marketing program that is flexible, affordable and realistic. Take the time to establish a marketing budget, and determine the value of marketing in your organization. These exercises will help you determine how effective your past marketing efforts have been and will give you some indication of your future direction.


Developing a strong brand identity is the first step towards saturating your intended markets with your company's products and services. INCOMPAS can work with your team to promote your brand in your chosen markets, resulting in increased awareness, a stronger bottom line and ultimately a substantial increase in your company's net worth.


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